الجمعة، 7 فبراير 2014

Last Task in Mobil

Mobily Al Awali - Makkah 

Makkah Al Awali Flagship is my last task I've delivered after long and rich journey extended to almost 9 year … It is one of a huge expansion project we started  to launch just from 5 months ago to open tens of outlets over KSA, proudly I was leading this project with a fabulous team beside my Core Business and Operational Function in Mobily Retail.

As Handball ex-Player I can say that working in Mobily is very similar to a handball game, you must to be Strong enough to stand and achieve your goal, Fast enough to change from defense to strike, Fixable enough to play any role regardless your position inside the team, Smart enough to understand your coach and his instruction during very short time-out  :)

I would like to thank each one of you for:
The great business cooperation,
The genius management style,
The strong teamwork,
The best ever people I have met on personal level from different backgrounds,
The many joyful memories and most importantly the valuable life and business lessons I could take with me.

It’s not easy to say GOODBYE Mobily which I participated in establishing it from the scratch during the pre-launch stage, and seeing it day–by–day is growing and booming… Even though I really will miss you all and I wish if I print a good impression here and really I’m sorry if there is any hard feeling I have caused to anybody.

Insha'a Allah shortly I will join a great chain of Retail as Head of Operations, please wish for me the best of luck.

Hisham Shalaby